A Bit About Us

Everyone is drawn to living things - and The Care for Life Project was inspired by stories great and small of all the creatures, species and places that captivate people every day. 

We're driven by a passion for conservation. And by focusing on local connections and meaningful relationships people have with nature we feel that we can inspire people to think globally.

Protecting species and ecosystems begins at home - and so we look very forward to you sharing with us your love of wildlife and wild place! 


The Team

Jesse Hildebrand is the Founder and Lead of The Care for Life Project. 

He is a science communicator currently working as VP of Education at the non-profit Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants. Previous roles including founding and running Canada's Science Literacy Week, and producing Toronto's Story Collider show

He is a proud fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and member of the Explorer's Club.

He continues to be inspired daily by the work of David Attenborough and Steve Irwin in promoting a lifelong love and respect for nature.


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