Ways to Take Part

Find out how you can get involved, from sharing a story with us to our social media pages and campaign here!


Share your story

Send us a picture and a story here - it can be an individual living thing, a species or a 'living place' - but it has to be personal! 

Perhaps a favourite tree, a park you use to get away from the world or shorebirds that fill you with joy by the seaside! It can be a short story or a longer piece - and it can be a photograph or a drawing! Be creative and highlight what you love and why it's so meaningful to you!

By showcasing a wide array of stories we can reveal the diversity and beauty of all the places we call home and why its so important to protect them!


Join the Social Media Campaign with #careforlife

A great way to share your caring widely and inspire others to do the same is through our social media campaign!

You can use #careforlife on Twitter or Instagram - or come check out featured stories and images on our page @ICareforLife


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